Hot Water

Hot Water Cylinders – Gas, Electric and Solar Hot Water Cylinders

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Hot water leaking from the overflow? Hot water cylinders can cost hundreds indeed thousands of dollars in power and water rates over time if not checked regularly. The end result is larger power bills and expensive hot water repairs unless you get a prefessional onto it early.
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Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Mains Pressure Electric Hot Water Cylinders

Mains pressure electric hot water cylinders are manufactured to meet New Zealand’s energy performance standards. Most models are rated at a maximum of 1000 KPA and 1400 KPA water pressures and can deliver more than 40 litres of hot water a minute which is enough to meet the needs of most households. Mains pressure cylinders can operate on both mains pressure and low pressure systems. Standard sizes range from 15L to 400L models. Current insulation standards ensure optimum water temperature is maintained longer, saving energy and electricity costs.

Mains Pressure Gas Hot Water Cylinders

Mains pressure gas hot water heaters are designed to provide an abundant supply of hot water under variable water pressures and conditions including mains pressure, unequal pressure and low pressure system. Storage capacity ranges from 130L to 260L models. Mains pressure water heaters manufactured in New Zealand are normally lined with vitreous enamel and are recommended for areas with poor water quality causing copper cylinders to sometimes corrode.

Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

A continuous flow water heater does not store water, it heats water as it passes through the unit, meaning it will virtually never run out of hot water. The key benefits and features:

– Retrofit to virtually any brand of electric hot water cylinder
– Installation is simple and usually takes less than one day
– Reduce your carbon footprint with reduced energy consumption

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Hot Water Cylinder Valves

Hot Water Cylinder Valves Inlet Isolating & Non-Return Valve – For both low and mains pressure Pressure Reducing / Limiting Valve – Reduces or limits the supply pressure to a preset maximum pressure Pressure Temperature Relief Valve – Ensure the temerature of the water does not exceed 99 degrees C in the event the thermostat fails. Will relieve expanded water.

Cold Water Relief Valve – Is fitted to the inlet of the cylinder and relieves cold water under normal thermal expansion saving emergy. Tempering Valve – Mixes hot water from the water heater and cold water delivering tempered water, normally 55 degrees C, to the hot tap Solar Control Valve – Specifically designed for use with solar hot water NZ heaters.

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