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Whether you require emergency solutions when it comes to drain unblocking for your Auckland home, need cost effective gutter replacement or need our drain unblockers to make light work of a stubborn blockage, Mr Plumber is the perfect choice for you.

We can unclog a blocked drain, replace you drains, use cameras to determine the source of a blockage and install drainage systems specifically for your home. 

Whether it’s at your business or home our experts have the equipment, experience and technology to locate and repair your drainage issues quickly and efficiently no matter what the cause.

Drain Unblocking Services

To rectify your blocked drain issues we use a range of equipment to clean or replace your drains

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Common Causes of Blocked Drains:

Tree roots are the most common cause. During dry weather the roots search out draining systems for water, entering the system through joints, inspection caps and cracks, the roots not only cause blockages, but also can cause major damage over time to the drainage system
without regular gutter cleaning, build up can occur which not only leads to blockages, but may also require significant gutter repairs to remedy.
Cooking fat, oil and grease solidifies when cooled inside the pipe causing it to block the drain over time.
Toilet ducks accidentally being flushed down the toilet.
Using incorrect papers, such as newspaper, instead of toilet paper.
Disposing of excess cement plaster down pipes.
Using the toilet to dispose of sanitary pads, disposable nappies and tampons.
Hard to avoid ground movement can also cause pipes to sag and block.

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